Astoria (Single)
Astoria (Single)
Astoria (Single)
Astoria (Single)
Astoria (Single)


Astoria (Single)

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Mattress Size:
190cm x 91cm x 25cm x 15kg

Packaging Size: 
114cm x 38cm x38cm x 17.5kg

Details :
DUNLOPILLO Astoria  - Revolutionize your sleep again!
The first Dunlopillo compressed mattress in Malaysia
The Bed on The Move (BOTM) by Dunlopillo
The Mattress In The Box

maintains mattress hygiene while keeping it fresh around the clock – anti-microbial

DURABLE – effective for the life of your product.
Delivers class-leading antimicrobial performance that will last the lifetime of the treated article.
PROTECTS – fights bacteria, mould and fungi to protect your textile and keep it fresh, clean and odour-free.
EPA-REGISTERED – ecological, safe and registered with the EPA in the USA.
FAST-ACTION – Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria in less than an hour.

– provides a TRUE BODY FIT
– Pain-Relief Comfort
– Allergy-Friendly
– Motion Transfer Resistant

mattress based with high-density foam, to provide firm feeling and support.
– firmer support with ultra-durability.

3 Easy Set Up Step:
1. Unpack
2. Unroll
3. Unwind

10 Years Warranty
Dunlopillo bed on the move mattresses are covered by a 10 years warranty, from the date of delivery and collection. This warranty is not transferable and covers only the original purchaser who continues to be the owner of the product.
This warranty covers:
•    Defect of a structural or manufacturing nature, including physical flaws in mattress causing the foam materials to split or crack.
•    Deteriorating resulting in a visible indentation or sag of 4cm (1.5inch) or larger when no weight is applied onto the mattress.  

This Warranty does not cover:
•    Individual comfort preferences such a firmness, texture and feel.
•    Physical abuse and improper use such as prolonged sitting on the mattress’s edges, bending, folding, standing or jumping on the mattress resulting in damage to its structure and/or cover material, including but not limited to cuts, tears, stains, soiling.
•    Deformity or damage to the mattress caused by improper washing, drying or high-temperature treatment
•    Abnormal or non-domestic use of the mattress
•    Odour (some of the mattresses can have a natural odour)
•    Minor manufacturing discrepancies or cosmetic flaws
•    Mattress dimensions within the accepted tolerance of +/- 3 cm on the quoted size
•    Usage outside Malaysia
•    The mattress zip and cover
•    Mattresses and pillows unboxed or unwrapped after 1 month from the delivery date

Please logon to http://www.dunlopilloworld.com/myestore/product/astoria/ to check how to claim the Warranty.

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